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Bay Trees Dublin

Bay Trees Dublin Our beautiful Bay Trees Dublin will not only provide you with a gorgeous tree to complement your garden and home, but it will provide you with a delicate and fragrant aroma as well as being an economical solution for you to create wonderful aromatic dishes as its leaves can be used for seasoning when you cook.

This evergreen tree will stay looking fresh and healthy all year round, making it an affordable and practical solution for you and your garden and our staff will be able to advise you on the best way to look after this to ensure you can enjoy it for many years.


What do we sell?

If you enjoy growing your own products our Bay Trees Dublin are ideal, however, we also stock bamboo and a wide range of other herbs that you can grow and enjoy.  Why not look at our stylish and practical containers that can be used to house them once they start to grow.  Not only will they look pretty in your garden but you will have fresh herbs to hand when you need them.

Look at our full range of herbs, as well as all our other products, on our product range page


Why us?

  • We believe there are many reasons to visit us, other than our Bay Trees Dublin, and some of them include:
  • Our friendly team that have been fully trained on all of our products
  • The vast selection of fresh and high-quality products that we offer
  • Our pest control range that is pet-friendly and safe
  • The protective cloches that can keep your plants safe from disease and frost
  • We are a friendly and affordable solution to all your gardening needs


How to find us

We are open seven days a week, meaning you can get your Bay Trees Dublin whenever is convenient to you.   Easy to get to, we are on the local bus route if you prefer to relax, or you can find us a short drive from Dun Laoghaire Golf Club, via the R117.

Come along and smell the fragrant aroma and view the vibrant and colourful displays, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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ADDRESS: Scalp Wood Nurseries, Enniskerry Road, Kilternan, Dublin, D18 P9P7